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Worship is essential in the life of every believer. At Calvary Church, we believe that worship is much more than music and services, but often when people click on a worship link for a church website, they want to know what the corporate worship will be like when they attend. Here are some commonly asked questions about our services.

Our music tends to be modern with a nod to the ancient and traditional. We do some hymns, often with a modern musical interpretation and many recent worship songs in what is often called the contemporary genre. Songs by Charlie Hall, Chris Tomlin, Hillsong, and David Crowder Band are some of our most common. We have various worship teams that comprise the band at Calvary. Sometimes, there is percussion, acoustic guitar, piano and a violin. Often, there is electric guitar, drums, bass, keyboards and multiple singers. It is a priority of our worship ministry to create the best possible environment for the worshipper to engage the living God in relationship and intimacy in a community of other believers on the same journey.

How Do I Get Involved?

Do you have a passion for worship and helping others to worship?

Do you sing or play an instrument?

Are you gifted with computers and technical abilities?

Are you an artist?

Do you have an ear for sound?

If the answers to ANY of these questions was yes, please

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Let us know you want to be involved. Training is available for every aspect of our ministry, so don't be afraid to try because you're not perfect at your skill.

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