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Facility Use Request

Please use this form to request the use of the Calvary Church facility

We are happy that Calvary Church is your church home and you are considering using the facility for your next family event. Please fill out this form and read the expectations and guidelines thoroughly. (Weekly events are not possible at this point - our schedule is full).

The staff reviews the facility requests on Monday during their regular meetings. So if your request is made on a Tuesday for example, understand that we will not have an answer for you until the following Monday. The staff is not able to handle requests made on a Sunday morning.

  1. Reservations are only valid upon completion and acceptance of this form. Emails and phone calls requesting the facility are not honored until this form is returned and approved.  
  2. Please understand that church wide events (like funerals, ministries, etc...) have precedence over any and all facility reservations. 
  3. Requests are only available to individuals over 21 that attend, serve and/or support Calvary Church on a current regular basis.  We welcome people that weekly make Calvary their church home to use the facility.
  4. If you reserve the facility for a Sunday activity, you will have access to the facility after the morning service is concluded, this includes setting up. 11:30 am is when you can begin using the facility.
  5. The facility is not available for over night events, 10 PM is the ending time for all events. This is for security and safety reasons.
  6. The facility is in use the vast majority of nights and weekends and not available for ongoing weekly events. It is here to give people who currently attend Calvary a place for things like a graduation/birthday party.
  7. We are not able to accommodate community events (sports, garage sales, practices, dinners, plays, etc...) at this time because of our packed schedule and insurance requirements.