Small Groups

Opportunities for Fellowship and Service for Families and Adults.

What does a small group do?

This is pretty exciting, because each small group decides on its own what they will study and how they will serve. Some go through a book of the bible, others use a study book, some just get together for a meal and conversation and still others just chat over coffee.

We do stress that a small Group is more than just a bible study, it is there to serve one another and the community.

Each small group leader is better able to explain their emphasis.

What kind of commitment is there?

Since each small group is different the commitment level is different. Most of them are pretty clear that you can come when you can make it and if you can't make it a week, no big deal.

Some small groups are an hour long some longer, it just depends. The small group leader will be able to tell you this ahead of time.

You are welcome to try different ones and start and stop anytime you want.

Where and when do Small Groups meet?

Each Small Group has it own schedule and location. Some meet at the church facility others in their homes still others at a coffee shop. Some meet weekly or bi-weekly and others monthly.

Is there nursery care?

Again, it depends on the Small Group - some do and some don't. The groups that meet at our Calvary facility often have nursery care and will be listed as "Nursery Provided."

I can't find one that is right for me.

Everyone has a different schedule, wants and needs in a Small Group. If one does not work for you, try another.

Let the Leadership Team know what and when you are looking for something and maybe other people are wanting the same thing and we can start a new Small Group! We can start a group with as little as 3 people and you might just be one of them.