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Say hello to the leadership team at Calvary Church

Tim Miessler - Lead Pastor

I met my wife, Sarah, at Calvary Chapel Bible College and shortly after we got married! One of the best days in my life. We have five amazing kids. Sarah grew up in Los Angels and I grew up in Chicago, since starting a family we have lived in Florida (a few places), Milwaukee, South Carolina (a few places) and finally ended up in Cincinnati before we moved here to Colorado in early 2015 for this job at Calvary. While we lived in South Carolina I graduated with my Masters in Divinity and have been working full time as a lead/senior pastor since. You will find me enjoying a cup of coffee with friends, playing golf, watching soccer, MMA and hockey with some of my kids and I will be quick to tell you that I am a skydiver (although I have only gone once, even got my 70+ mom to jump for the first time)

Jeff Lopez - Media Director

Laura Vance - Financial and Office Administrator

Josh Miessler - Worship Technology & Facility

Sam Guerrero - Elder

At Calvary Church we are Pastor lead and Elder directed meaning that our leadership team comprises of individuals from within Calvary (not part of the staff) to help enact the vision, they are called "Elders."